About Point-In-Time

A Point-in-Time (PIT) count is a statistically reliable count of people experiencing homelessness during a 24-hour period within the last 10 days of January.  The count includes both sheltered homeless (those living in emergency shelters or transitional housing) and unsheltered homeless (those living in places deemed not suitable for human habitation).  Given the brief amount of time allotted for the actual count, the PIT count is only intended to provide a snapshot of the state of homelessness in a given location in order to provide local, state and federal agencies with any necessary homeless data so that assistance funds may be allocated properly. 


Aside from eligibility to compete for homeless funding, the PIT count offers several benefits including being able to:

  • Monitor trends of homelessness in our local area

  • Support local efforts by identifying unmet needs and characteristics of the homeless

  • Assist in development or redistribution of programs and services

  • Raise community and political awareness of homelessness

  • Measure if homelessness is being ended in a community